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It takes a community to host a blood drive. Last month, the New England Congregational Church hosted the Stanton community blood drive. It was a success. The goal of collecting 39 units of blood was reached. “On behalf of the American Red Cross and the patients we serve, thank you to all the faithful donors and wonderful volunteers,” said donor recruitment account manager Wendy Benson. Longtime volunteers Norma Locke and Wilma Dopson were recognized for their years of service during the drive. Both Locke, who has volunteered for the past 35 years, and Dopson, who has volunteered for 32 years, retired from volunteer service after the September drive. Both women decided to volunteer for the Red Cross because, although neither could donate blood, they knew the importance of donating, due to both their husbands serving in the armed forces. “Norma and Wilma worked hard and clearly loved talking to and welcoming every donor as they arrived at the blood drive,” Benson said. Donna Vollbrecht and Sandy Locke also retired as co- coordinators of the Stanton community blood drives in January, and fulfilled duties through the September drive. “These ladies were asked to fill in as co-coordinators for only one year,” Benson said, “but that year turned into four. Donna and Sandy gave the gracious gift of time and compassion to the donors, the volunteers and me.”  "The community can help the Red Cross save lives in so many ways. Whether  volunteering in the canteen or registering donors, serving as a donor escort, calling donors, making food or donating blood, each and every one of you make an important impact,” said Benson. “If you have considered donating blood, please don’t wait until there is a disaster to give. Every day, the Red Cross needs to collect about 13,000 donations across the U.S. to help patients. Please try to donate at least one time and,if you need a little extra motivation, remind yourself that you’re helping to save a life.”Stanton residents are asked to mark their calendars for the next community blood drive, which will be held Nov. 13, from 8 a.m- 2 p.m., at the Stanton Middle School gym.